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North Side’s Colorful Doors


When Quelcy and I agreed to meet, the plan was to catch up and chat over coffee. I just moved back to the area after a few months in Cleveland and there was a lot to talk about. After our cups were empty, we took a stroll around the North Side. Quelcy studied architecture so I can always count on her to point out interesting details that I might miss.



When I come to this neighborhood, it feels like I am in another city. It’s charming with interesting brick houses and colorful doors. We took our time while walking around and taking it all in. Here are some of the doors that caught my eye.




Not colorful, but I LOVE the type










This photo is by Quelcy Kogel

Architecture Interior

Perfect Fall Trip to Kentuck Knob

Kentuck Knob Side View

I grew up 15 minutes away from Chalk Hill. As a kid my parents took us on short hiking trips up the mountains where the trails were endless and the scenery was beautiful. When I moved to Pittsburgh, I learned more about Frank Lloyd Wright and the beautiful structures he created. My mom swears she took us to Fallingwater, though I don’t recall ever visiting, and I feel like would not have forgotten. As a person who runs a site dedicated to design admiration, I felt I was long overdue for a visit. In an unfortunate turn of events, I went to purchase two tickets to for a tour, and they were sold out for the season. My next best choice was the lesser famous, but still stunning Kentuck Knob, another FLW gem.

View into Kitchen at Kentuck Knob
Photos by Quelcy T. Kogel

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