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New Order: Collage Now

One of Stephen Knezovich's pieces - New Horizon No15

Three years ago I met with Stephen Knezovich and Seth Clark to toy with the idea of doing a collage show together. Some how, they suggested I curate one. I have curated small poster shows but a gallery show is completely different. I knew I couldn’t do it alone and emailed Sonja Sweterlitsch to see if she had any interest. She said yes and here we are today.

Future Tenant empty and ready for install!

Future Tenant empty and ready for install!


I park in the garage by the gallery a lot and love this view

Having the idea for the show was just a tiny part of all of this. Sonja prepared the proposal, we gathered the roster we wanted, approached a few galleries, contacted the artists for their information, did social media, press releases and much more happened in that span of time.

We are excited that the opening reception is finally here on Friday, June 3 at 6-9pm at Future Tenant. It’s open to everyone! The line up includes Seth Clark, Stephanie Armbruster, Kim Fox, Mary Dorfner Hay, Matthew Buchholz, Crystala Armagost, Ron Copeland and Stephen Knezovich. I’m not going to reveal too much in this post but wanted to show a few studio shots and works in progress. Take a look:


Crystala Armagost working on one of her pieces




Ron Copeland putting together his window installation at Future Tenant


Matthew Buchholz created an awesome collage video that will be projected on the back wall


Mary Dorfner Hay

Mary Dorfner Hay working with maps


Photos from Stephanie Armbruster’s studio




Seth Clark at Radiant Hall


Stephen Knezovich’s pieces ready to hang on the wall


Kim Fox working in the garage. Her piece in this show is the biggest she has ever created


Garage photos by Matt Dyak

There are a lot of events happening this Friday but stop by and see all the amazing collages up close and in person.


Pittsburgh Wallpaper Series

It’s the end of summer and fall is just around the corner. Check out this month’s Pittsburgh Wallpaper Series by artist and designer Kim Fox. I’ve been a fan of Kim’s work since I met her a few years ago at Handmade Arcade. The last few months she’s been producing pieces that seem inspired by the countryside and farms.

Kim’s Inspiration:
My inspiration is formed by my surroundings, by my life in a city in that exists in the midst of both decay and rebirth, set against the dramatic beauty and constant change of the Pennsylvania landscape.
For the past six years, my work has focused on organic themes such as birds, bees, farm machinery and the simple trappings of home. My art rarely, if ever, tries to tackle gigantic themes nor do I use it as a platform for making bold statements. I try instead to pay tribute to life’s simple offerings of beauty that exist all around us in such abundance that they can easily be overlooked.
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