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All photos are from Moderncre8ve

Last summer while I was walking around the Cleveland Flea, Moderncre8ve’s stand caught my eye. Impressed with their furniture, I stopped by three times to take peek and grabbed a card.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the shop is run by owner Robert William and co-owner Chad Brockett. Their pieces are handmade, modern and have an interesting style to them. The wood and metal are sourced locally. You can tell they pay attention to details and put a lot of love into every thing they create. As a minimalist and a designer, I really appreciate how they photograph and style their work. Take a look for yourself:

desk lamp pin.legs pink shop shop.table sides stamp table tables tops wood

If you’re interested in learning more about this shop, there’s an feature on Etsy.

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Slow Down, Explore, and Enjoy!

Cocoa / Milk / Sugar. My favorite picture I've taken in Cleveland so far.

When I moved to Cleveland, I felt like I needed to quickly jump in and know everything right away. I get lost often, I don’t have many pals yet, and I haven’t found my go-to spots. After rethinking it, I stopped being hard on myself. I’m used to running into friends in Pittsburgh and having plans on the weekends.

My friend Chris, made this hand lettered print you see above. She posted it on Instagram, then was kind enough to mail me an awesome package of her goodies from Germany. Side note: We met in 2006 on MySpace, kept in touch all these years but still haven’t met each other in person! 

Her piece made me think about the new year, slowing down a bit and just be excited about the possibilities. I think we get caught up in the fast pace of life and making huge resolutions that we forget by March.

Now one of my goals is to slow down and take time for myself. I want to appreciate the things that this city has. I have a hard time pausing and taking it easy without feeling bad. It’s something I’m actively trying to change.

I have started to take drives on the weekends, sometimes bike when the weather is nice and walk my dog on streets I’ve never been before. I’m a fan of making lists, so I purchased this passion planner. You can create different types of goals, lists, it has lots of space to write down your thoughts and what your focus is for that week.

In the meantime, here are things I’ve capture in the last few days:

I love how they painted angles on this house!

I love how they painted angles on this house!


This building and the angles of the fire escape caught my eye


Entry way to the antique store, Sweet Lorain. There’s a lot to look at here. For Cleveland, it’s a bit overpriced and stuffy but I would recommend people to check it out.


I came across this house while I was driving around. It looked as if it needed some updates but look at those windows!


Lake Erie frozen



Building doorways usually have names here. Meet Lucille

Building doorways usually have names here. Meet Lucille


From my front porch

From my front porch


Cleveland Art Museum has a couple Warhol pieces. Marilyn x 100 (detail), 1962. Andy Warhol


Peter B Lewis Building by Frank Gehry. This was hard to photograph because of it’s location.



Just a garage door that caught my eye