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Alissa Martin’s Home in Lawrenceville

Alissa Martin, owner of Pavement, recently welcomed us into her home. The styling
sensibility we so admired in her shop (previous post here) has been translated into
brighter accents of color in upholstery, painted vintage furniture, and old signs, but
tempered with the use of matte black to anchor pieces like mantels, a dining
room table and chairs, and kitchen counters. This mix of urban cool with vintage quirk
gives Martin’s home a more relaxed, lived-in
feel than the boutique (she even has
beer on tap!)

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Decor Interior

Design Inspiration from Butler Street { part1 }

Sometimes, the best decorating ideas come from a favorite neighborhood
store. This is especially true when said store is part of the exciting growth in
independently-owned boutiques that are shaping Lawrenceville’s trailblazer
reputation. We spent one recent Saturday checking out six of these shops
and their décor in hopes of bringing some of their inspired ideas to you.

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Who New?

If you have a lot of love for mid-century modern decor and furniture, you have to check
out Who New if you haven’t already! They have an amazing collection of hard to find
items and probably things you never saw before. I could spend half the day in there and
even if you walk around once or twice, you are bound to find something new that you
missed the first time around.

While visiting Pittsburgh a couple years ago before I moved back, I made it a point to
check this store out. I had been hearing about the new things that were happening in
Lawrenceville and all the new shops that were making the neighborhood their home.
I have to admit, the New York Times article that ran in 2007 gave me that extra push
to go. Years before when I left Pittsburgh, it wasn’t all that great of a neighborhood and
there wasn’t too much happening except once a year with the Art All Night event.
You knew that it had so much potential but just wasn’t quite there yet.

When I walked into Who New, I instantly fell in love with the selection they had. It was
one of the places that inspired the idea to create the Steeltown Anthem site. I thought it
was so amazing that this furniture store actually existed in Pittsburgh. I had seen other
places like this but in other cities.

Now that I have moved back, I was waiting for the perfect time to post photos of this
place. We went over last weekend and Roger who is one of the owners let Kristy and
I take photos of whatever we wanted and was very welcoming to us.

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