Architecture Cleveland

Abandoned Spaces in CLE

By Johnny Joo

Cleveland is rebuilding itself at a rapid pace and I love witnessing the direction it’s heading. Buildings are being turned into new apartments, restaurants, artist studios and store fronts. The difference here verses Pittsburgh is it’s not focused all on condos. I like that I read more about new restaurants, breweries and stores opening rather than another huge condo complex. Maybe I have seen more of it in Pittsburgh since I lived near East Liberty and it left me feeling a little bitter.

That being said, there are still abandoned buildings that exist and are easy to find here. I like exploring and appreciate the spaces that were once a factory, a station or a school. Take a look:


Geauga lake

Geauge Lake




Cleveland Clinic, 2014 by Thom Sheridan


Abandoned observatory by Scott


By Kaylah of the Dainty Squid


Not sure where this in in Cleveland. It looks like it has good bones. By Scott

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