Rachel Arnold Sager’s 100 Days


I see a lot of these on social media where folks do an art project that goes on and on for so many days in a row. I dream of attempting to participate but I know it takes real determination to start and finish! I follow Rachel Sager on Instagram and I saw her posting artwork with the tag #100daysofrasager. As this project kept going, it was wonderful to watch her pieces unfold.


Now that it’s finished, WildCard is showing these pieces in an exhibit Thursday, July 30 from 6-9pm! I’m pretty excited to attend because I really love the pieces Rachel has been putting out. I asked her to tell us a little bit about this project and what made her want to do it.

“100 Days began as participation in Elle Luna’s The 100 Day Project, which encouraged doing something (anything, really) for 100 days in a row and sharing it on Instagram. While it started out as an excuse to execute a few sketchbooks’ worth of ideas, it quickly became journalistic – more often than not, each day’s 5″ x 5″ piece was inspired while out walking the dog, news or family events, etc. I also wanted to experiment in media, subject, and style. But most important to the project was a) finishing it, and b) sharing the pieces regardless of whether they each turned out the way I wanted them to or not. Mistakes are hard to show, but it’s an important part of growing – so I wanted to celebrate even when things veered away from my intentions or beyond my skill.”


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