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I was so excited when I finally nailed down a day to hang out and visit Kim Fox’s home studio. We first met when I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2009. I went to Handmade Arcade and her display instantly caught my eye. I introduced myself, we struck up a conversation and the rest is history.


Kim worked as a designer with the studio L2 Design Collective (now Lure Paper Goods). They focused in screen printing posters and cards. As time went on, I started to notice changes in her art. She began showing off more screen prints and tin collages on wood. Then, one day, she branched off on her own and started to go by the name Worker Bird!



I’ve enjoyed seeing her work change and develop over time. Her current pieces have a vintage, rustic and farm feel to them.



I asked Kim how she started to work with tin:

Years ago my husband and I took a day long tin workshop with Robert Villamagna at the Society for Contemporary Craft. I was hooked immediately. I loved the tools and the handwork and various tins. I started very slowly at first – just making small gifts for friends. As interest kept building I amassed more and more tins and our basement started to look like a granny-hoarder lived down there so I cleared out a room in my studio and made the whole endeavor a permanent one. I love junking and going to estate sales to find the tins. I love the design process where I pull tins from my “library” and start creating the piece. And I love the end task of tacking the hundreds of nails in because I just zone out with music and a drink and let my brain go for a bit.








To commission or see more of Kim’s work, visit

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    November 20, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    Yay! I love getting to see your studio and hear more about your work and space. (and also – Teddy Thunders! <3 little man 🙁 )

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