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Artist Ryder Henry


A few months ago, Quelcy and I had the chance to visit Ryder Henry’s home courtesy of the Mattress Factory 500 tours. Ryder’s creative endeavors include paintings, murals, sculptures and spaceships. Yes, on his site, he lists spaceships!

The Victorian house is beautiful with stained glass windows, dark wood trim and pieces of furniture that make you feel as though you’re in a different era. We were able to wander through each room, look around and listen to stories about the home.

4 Lydia Model City
Once upstairs, the futuristic 4 Lydia Model City was right in front of us. I was mesmerized and excited to see this in person. The small details of each structure, car or road was so intricate. The pieces are made from boxes and recycled materials.

Artist Ryder Henry

The Mattress Factory has new installations by five local artists and ties into this year’s Pittsburgh Biennial exhibit. Ryder is one of the artists and his pieces are intriguing. This exhibit held my attention and I walked through a couple times. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I highly recommend taking some time to check it out.

Photo courtesy of the Mattress Factory

Artists in Residence, Pittsburgh Biennial 2014 at the Mattress Factory from PFPCA on Vimeo.
Here is a video that gives you a preview of the artists in residence at the Mattress Factory.

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