Makers Roundup


We have a lot of local talent here in Pittsburgh. Instagram has become one of my favorite ways to keep up with different makers in our area. Here’s a few you should follow:

@alternatehistories: Alternate Histories is a must follow if you dig monsters, maps, zombies and science fiction.

@danielgurwin: Daniel Gurwin’s feed includes hand-lettering, design and type. I just discovered his work today and I’m enjoying the process photos!

@everydayballoonsshop: Everyday Balloons post their illustrations, prints, process shots, beer and food!

@garbella: Garbella posts her work, adventures, bikes, studio and process shots. This is a great feed to follow!

@heybeast12: Hey Beast is a local artist and he includes his lovely illustrations and a lot of them are animals.

@reclaimedthings: Reclaimed Things is a workshop located here in the Burgh and features a lot custom wood pieces and vintage finds.

@norpoc: Visual artist Ron Copeland posts his work which includes assemblage, collage, installations, typography and signage.

@redravenstudios: Redraven studios includes a lot of her porcelain pieces, process shots, shows that she’s in and her studio. I’m enjoying all the new work she’s been creating over the past few months.

@strawberryluna: strawberryluna fills this feed with colorful photos of their prints, designs, adventures, and anything fun. Even the bio says “I like fun!”

@tugboatprintshop: Tugboat shows you their woodcut pieces, printing process and new items in their shop. Their work is wonderful and I love to see the end results.

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