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E2’s Renovation

A few weeks ago, Chef and owner of E2, Kate Romane let Kristy and I check out their newly renovated event room that’s located downstairs. Everything looks completely different than before. It has a beautiful antique back bar, reclaimed wood used on the wall, the front of the bar and ceiling. I was really blown away and impressed with all the changes.

Photos by Kristy Lumsden Photography

We were there sort of crashing in on a party that was happening, the staff was very welcoming and the people didn’t really seem to notice us poking around.

I love what they did to the ceiling and the lighting is antique jars as well as hanging metal fixtures. Everything put together gives it a rustic, modern feel. The architects and designers on this project were Todd Meyer and Jeffrey Deninno who really made this into a very warm and inviting space.

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