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Moop Shop’s New Studio

A few months ago we did an interview with Wendy from Moop Shop in her West End space. Well now, Moop has a brand new location and I have been watching their progress closely and love all the updates! Here a few shots of the new HUGE studio space they call home now.

All photos courtesy of Moop Shop

Also, have you seen the new special edition backpack? I will admit, I don’t use backpacks much, I’m more of the side bag type of person but this caught my eye since I love yellow.

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  1. Shannon says:

    The staff at the Mattress Factory were just singing their praises of Moop, after reading this post..and we all agree, the yellow backpack is supremely wonderful. Great post!

  2. Moop says:

    Thanks for such a sweet post, Dane!!

  3. Kurt says:

    Passed by their place in the west-end everyday and noticed it was empty. Looks like they found an awesome space!