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Giovannitti House

First two photos are by Joseph A., who also has some other great shots of places around the city.

The Giovannitti House is located near Chatham University and was built by Richard Meier in 1979-1983. I noticed this place a while ago when I drove around the campus but when I attempted to find more photos of the inside, it’s nearly impossible. I’m guessing when Frank Giovannitti was the owner, he was a pretty private guy. This site posted a lot more information about the house.

Photos courtesy of Richard Meier’s site

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  1. JulieGong says:

    Meg and I ride by there all the time and I have to constantly stop her from walking up to the windows to look inside.

    • Frank Giovannitti says:

      Dear Julie,I am so pleased that a Pittsburger loves the house.My wife Colleen Hess and I constructed the residence their has never been another owner.However,we also have a home in Washington D.C. and spend most of our time here.If you give me your contact information I will be glad to show you and friends the house. Thanks for your interest. Frank&Colleen Giovannitti

      • Will Zavala says:

        Hi Julie and Frank,
        I teach filmmaking at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. A student of mine, Aytac Karaguzel, is an architect-turned filmmaker. She once wrote about this house while studying in her native Turkey. She moved to Pittsburgh with her husband, who studies architecture at CMU, not initially realizing that the house she was so enamored with was in her new city! Anyway, she made a short video about the house, and would now like to expand it, with me as an advisor/co-producer. Mr. Giovannitti, would you be so kind as to call or write us about this? My English is better, so I’m the first contact person.

        Thank you, and thanks to Steeltown Anthem for the connection.

        -Will Zavala
        412-681-5449 x219 work
        412-657-8766 cel
        412-661-6262 home

      • Mundania Horvath says:

        Hi Frank,

        My name is Dane and I run Steeltown Anthem. I attempted to email you about giving Julie and I tour of your home! We would love to take a look around. Please contact me if you get this, I would love to hear from you. Thank You!

      • Terri F. says:

        Frank…I often wondered where you & Colleen went.Send me a way to contact you :)