Center for PostNatural History

Have you guys seen the Center for PostNatural History on Penn Avenue yet? The grand opening happened at the beginning of the month during Unblurred! They have a great video as an introduction.

According to CPNH Director and Curator, Richard Pell, “The Center for PostNatural History serves as a jumping-off point for thinking about how people shape the living world around them. Humans have been slowly domesticating plants and animals for thousands of years and during the last 35 years we’ve begun altering the DNA of organisms in very specific ways. A good portion of the living world is in a sense a cultural artifact reflecting the desires, needs and fears of human society. The CPNH is a place to explore that idea.”
I’m not much of a science person but I’m really interested in history so I think this is going to be a great place to check out different exhibits and I love their tagline “That was then. This is now.” Make sure you visit the site and check out what the current and future exhibits are. It will be opened on Sundays 12-6 or by appointment: rich@postnatural.org.

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