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Our Saturday in Pittsburgh

Photos courtesy of Frick Art & Historical Center
I made a small goal this year to really experience Pittsburgh! By that I mean I need to get more into the culture and history that our city has to offer. There is so much that I haven’t done and I have lived here for a total of 12 years! I have never been to the Heinz History Center, Carnegie Science Center, never set foot in the Cathedral of Learning or checked out Phipps Conservatory. There’s actually more than this but it already embarrasses me to admit this much! For 2012 I’m pretending that I’ll be moving soon and will start checking all these places out as if I have a short period of time left here. I get so stuck in my routine that I sometimes forget all the wonderful things there are to do.

This weekend was Kristy’s birthday so I thought one of the things I know she has been wanting to check out and so have I was Henry Clay Frick’s home the Clayton which is located right off of Penn Avenue. This is something that is not my style whatsoever but I was really interested in the history of the items within the home. I was sad that we didn’t get to see the third floor but our tour ended up going a little longer than expected. It was more focused on the art and their lifestyle in the early 1900’s. His fine art collection and decorative art collection are both extensive. It’s impossible for me to begin to tell you what it included. Let me just say, he was a big fan of Tiffany & Co.

Our guide gave us a lot of details of the items but I’m sure they aren’t allowed to tell you what you really want to know or what I wanted to know which is about the feud between Carnegie and Frick! She sort of mentioned it but their job is to say all the positive things. I wanted to know more about the feud! People recommended reading this book which I’m going to check out at the library. If you are into art and history I totally recommend this tour! The details that are inside this home are unbelievable. To visit, check out the Frick Art & Historical Center for more information.

Our second stop was the Carnegie Museum’s Teenie Harris “Photographer: An American Story” exhibit. This talented guy caught so many special and historic moments with his camera. This exhibit is very interactive with a timeline of his photos hung along the walls, computers set up so you can go through them more closely, a video playing with commentary and a room set up with his photos projecting on the walls. I loved this and I’m so glad I made it a point to check out. It was a bit crowded since it was a Saturday but we made our way through. I looked over it a couple times because you would see things in photos you missed the first time around.

Photos courtesy of Carnegie Museum brochure

From the museum’s site: “He captured the poetry of everyday common experience, as well as the extraordinary people who shaped the 20th century: entertainer Lena Horne, baseball star Jackie Robinson, and leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Carnegie Museum of Art was entrusted with the archive of nearly 80,000 Teenie Harris negatives in 2001.”
My favorite photos of all were the ones he took in the Hill District and of the Crawford Grill. You won’t believe the transformation.

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