teres58domus: South Side Home

Front Exterior Pittsburgh modern exterior

I kept wondering why this house is called teres58domus and it’s spelled just like that. I am not even sure why it needs any sort of title. According to Architect Mark Frankovitch who said in Pittsburgh Magazine it means “teres (Latin for rounded), 58 (the house number) and domus (Latin for home).” I love the unique structure of this home which is located right off of Carson Street on the South Side. I thought I saw a sign last time I drove by that it was for sale.


Aquarium Backsplash Pittsburgh modern kitchen

This home just won “2011 Home of the Year” in Pittsburgh Magazine and was judged by AIA Columbus chapter.


Hallway Home Office Pittsburgh modern hall


Master Bedroom Pittsburgh modern bedroom

Open Floor Plan Living Room Pittsburgh modern family room


Roof Deck modern patio


Exterior Pittsburgh modern exterior


Roof Deck Pittsburgh modern porch


Exterior Night Pittsburgh modern exterior

Photos on are courtesy of Houzz and posted by architecture Mark Frankovitch

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