Because We Love Bikes…

Pittsburgh BikeFest 2011 kicked off this week and I thought it might be apropiate to put a few bike themed posters by different designers that I think are pretty rad. Take a peek:

Bike Mess by Brent Couchman $30

Bicycle (blue) by Eleanor Grosch $30

Ride Your Love 100copies Poster $35

Velo by Vassi Slavova $30

Ready, Set, Bike by Petek Design $23

I Heart My Bike by Hero Design $30

Recycle by 100copies $35

Going To See My Baby by strawberryluna $25
Yes I have posted this one before on here but I have a huge soft spot for this print. It was my first purchase from Allison, I love the colors!


Isn’t for sale but this is a really great design by I Love Dust

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