Design Exhibit

Colorize the Urban Landscape

If you missed this month’s Penn Ave Unblurred then you missed out on this great interactive exhibit that was held at Assemble. Leah Bevilacqua and Stephanie Brunner are the two ladies behind this project. The reason for both of them putting this together was to explore adding color to blighted neighborhoods in our area. By starting this on a small scale they are trying to encourage community members to come together and participate in a movement that will improve the aesthetic of Pittsburgh. They drew their ideas on the wall of Assemble at the beginning of this month. It looked like so much work but amazing to see how the space was converted to an indoor city.

“Our goal is to further develop the diverse texture of different areas within the city and involve community participation at every possible opportunity. We want to challenge visual mediocrity, but also respect and reflect the history, culture and character of each neighborhood site. Color options will be inspired by the cultural diversity of the neighborhood site and express universal themes appealing to all ages and ethnicity’s. We hope to inspire property/business owners, local community/business organizations, and residents to embrace public art as a community resource that can enhance everyday experiences to beautiful and sensory encounters.”

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