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Studio d’ARC’s Live / Work Space

In March of 2010 Studio d’ARC was honored by Pittsburgh Magazine’s Grand Design /
Home of the Year
Award. It was one of their issues that was a must have for me. That particular feature combined with the glimpse I had from my previous post really peaked my curiosity as to what their own live / work space looked like inside.

Owners Gerard and Debbie bought an empty lot on the South Side and built it up
to what you see before your eyes. The elements through out are a combination of
maple wood, steel, exposed cinder blocks and drywall. I have to be honest and say
that it was hard for me to picture something so modern blend in so well to the other homes here on the South Side. When we approached their building I was really floored by what I saw.

Meet Ply

Other end of the studio as the sun was going down

This is Cinder's hiding space

The walkway that connects their office to their bedroom is made of glass. I was scared as I walked across but they assured me that it was very sturdy. It was weird to look
down at my feet and see their living room below.

Their furniture through out their house was custom built to create a minimal look so they could store a lot of their items away. They even have a dog bed under theirs that they pull out for Ply at night.

I always thought in order to hire and work with an architect you would need at
least $300,000 or up. Gerard told me that is a myth and his firm is willing to work
with homeowners that have smaller budgets. I will be calling him as soon as I
purchase my place!

When they showed us their wonderful roof top area, I was thinking how great it would
be to come up here after a hard day of work and just relax with a beer.

I want to thank Gerard and Debbie for showing us around their beautiful home.
We had such a great time taking the tour and chatting about their space!

studio d’ARC is located 139 south 22nd Street,  Pittsburgh, PA 15203,
T: 412.381.2645. Bookmark their site: studio d’ARC or become a fan
on their Facebook page!

photos are courtesy of Kristy Lumsden

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    Stephanie Rexroth
    June 21, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Awesome post/peak into a this beautiful space.

    I also bought into the myth that architects were only commissioned for multi-million $$ deals. When I get a place of my own (fingers-crossed for within the next year+), I’ll be contacting studio d’ARC or another architect friend for help with renovations!


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