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Warhol Museum Director, Eric Shiner’s Loft

The Andy Warhol Museum has intrigued me ever since I moved to Pittsburgh in 1997. One of my first art class requirements was to visit the museum to see the temporary Salvador Dali exhibit. The Warhol has always inspired me to pursue new paths creatively and challenged me to look at art through different lenses.

Since I regard the museum so highly, I was extremely honored to have the opportunity to tour the home of Warhol Director, Eric Shiner, whose loft is in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. As the director, Eric has the enviable role of picking the pieces from the extensive archives and combing the globe for different artists to showcase in temporary exhibits. WIth his name attached to such an esteemed art collection I was curious to see how his role affects his personal art choices.

What would Eric Shiner’s personal gallery look like?

Alien She: A Powerful Exhibit

The Riot Grrrl movement is and was something that really impacted my life, it made me feel empowered and changed the way I thought about women and feminism. I was introduced to the music when my friend made me a mixed tape. Christine knew that I had no prior knowledge to any of these bands, the only music I knew about was the stuff they played on the radio. She took me under her wing, we went to shows, talked about the different issues that these artists were singing about and what it all meant. I kept that mixed tape because it forever changed my life and opened my mind up!

When I heard about Alien She, I was so excited to see that it was happening here in Pittsburgh! I’ve been to the exhibit twice. Instead of me explaining it here, the Millery Gallery has a great write up. Curators Astria Suparak + Ceci Moss pulled together an amazing show. It put me back into that time in my life when going to shows meant everything! There are some bands that I never had the chance to see but some that I did. The exhibit is only open for a couple more days. If you’ve seen it, go back, if you haven’t, do it now! I was able to take a few photos:


Handmade Arcade Roundup

Handmade Arcade is here and they are celebrating 10 years! I feel like this is that one day where I can go to an event and run into so many of my creative friends all at once! But the most important part is you can get unique gifts here. I wanted to do a couple roundup’s for you. Honestly, this was hard, there’s so many great vendors! Take a look:

1. Worker Bird  2. Road to the Lake House   3. Cotton Monster   4. Hannah Hoffman  5. Werk  6. Toby Farley   7. Hey Beast Studio  8. Stak Ceramics  9. Garbella   10. Everyday Balloons

11. Alternate Histories  12. Emilyanne Shop  13. Rock and Salt  14. Kitsch Ditch  15. Mario Zucca 
16. United Pixelworkers  17. Audra Azoury  18. Redraven Studios  19. Tasha McKelvey
Handmade Arcade happens this Saturday 11am-7pm at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown Pittsburgh. Also, The garages run by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority will be FREE Saturday, December 7. (This does NOT include the parking garage at the Convention Center.)

Vintage America

Santa Fe Springs, CA

After posting the Duquesne beer sign, someone from twitter referred me to the Recapturist which is a project by Bill Rose. Bill goes around and documents vintages signs all around the U.S. There is so much inspiration on here and his photos are really beautiful. The thing that sets this site apart is there are stories under each sign. These are a few of my favorites:

Cincinnati, Ohio

Wheeling, WV

Hilliard, FL

Redwood City, CA

Summerville, GA

Owatonna, MN

Owatonna, MN

Baltimore, MD

Duquesne Beer Sign

Carnegie Museum of Art Collection of Photographs, 1894-1958, Carnegie Museum of Art, 1952
I came across this great Duquesne Beer Sign, look closely how many bulbs this must have taken! This sign was located at the corner of Bigelow Boulevard and Sixth Avenue just above Grant Street Downtown.

James Gallery

I was recently invited to the James Gallery located in the West End. It’s been around for quite some time. The building has gone through different phases over the years but in the beginning it was initially a stable, used to hold the horses for the funeral parlor that was once across the street and for the other businesses in the West End. I thought that was really interesting historic tidbit. Even though the gallery itself has been around for some time, I had never visited until now! Take a look:


Ryan Hamrick

A design collaboration with Wall-to-Wall Studios for Sienna Mercado
I met Ryan on twitter a while back, then in person at one of his Dribbble meetups. Ryan is a letterer, designer, writer and speaker based here in Pittsburgh. He’s a talented guy. The thing that I’ve noticed about Ryan is how hard he works. Just in the past few months he’s gone from practicing his lettering skills to gaining national clients. That’s pretty amazing! Take a look at some of his work:


Pittsburgh Photo Walk

This Saturday I’m doing a Photo Walk in collaboration with the folks who are running Web Design Day this weekend! Val suggested I put together something to show people around the city. I like to explore Pittsburgh from garage tops, alleyways and all the other places tour guides won’t normally take you. We meet at 10am by the Warhol Bridge, tickets are FREE but space is limited! Here’s a little preview:



Steeltown Anthem and TOWNHOUSE are excited to present POSTED a showcase featuring letterpress, screenprinted and digital posters by more than 15 local artists, will be on display Nov. 7-9. at TOWNHOUSE in East Liberty. If you’re a poster artist interested in getting in the show, we still have a very few spots open — email us at
The opening party is 6-9pm Thursday, Nov. 7, with local beer and a DJ set by Matthew Buchholz. A special thanks to AIGA Pittsburgh for sponsoring the event and supporting local PGH designers/artists. I will be posting the artists and designers shortly. Stay tuned!

Andy Warhol Museum’s First Floor Renovations

The Andy Warhol Museum just finished a beautiful renovation of their first floor that is more welcoming to visitors to just hang out. There is two new windows, all new furniture, 20 new monitors that displays footage including visitor’s screen tests, an actual reproduction of the couch from Warhol’s Silver Factory, a new enlargement of William John Kennedy’s Homage to Warhol’s Marilyn and increased retail space for The Warhol Store.